We have extensive experience in all phases of trucking,
logistics, road construction and forest related infrastructure.


Heavy Haul & Equipment Transport

To compliment and manage the logistics of moving heavy equipment for CTL’s Heavy Construction side, CTL has developed a Heavy Haul Logistics department to facilitate this. CTL also offers Heavy Hauling as an outside service. Our capabilities include moving Extra Ordinary Oversize loads such as thermo boilers, bridge sections, large construction equipment ( D9-D11 dozers, cranes, crushers,rock trucks, large drills) besides moving smaller equipment on a local scale. CTL has an in-house Pilot Car Division that works with all Extra Ordinary loads. 

CTL’s Heavy Haul fleet consists of 5 power units, 7 low beds from 6-10 axle configurations, expandable trombone , step deck and super B trailers. 

CTL’s dispatch is dependable and efficient in procuring specific permits to get the job done. For quotes or hourly rates on your next move contact our "Dispatch”.

CTL Contractors Ltd. offers our services under contract, or on an hourly basis.