We have extensive experience in all phases of trucking,
logistics, road construction and forest related infrastructure.


Heavy Construction

The owners of CTL Contractors Ltd. boast a combined portfolio of over 30 years of experience with a history of accomplishments in the construction of major highways, forestry service roads, mining roads, access development roads, railway grades, site development, pipeline clearing, hydro line clearing, mine reclamation and logging operations. We specialize in earth moving, rock excavations, clearing, drainage works and bridge installations. We at CTL Contractors Ltd, with our technical, environmental and practical expertise are able to provide a quality service. Some of the services CTL provides are:

  • Grade Construction
  • Forestry Service Road Upgrades
  • Mass Excavations
  • Aggregate Production and Placing
  • Pipeline Clearing and Grading
  • R/W Logging and Clearing
  • Organic Debris Chipping and Disposal
  • Bridge Installations
  • Multi-plate Installations
  • Major Highway Construction
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Drilling and Blasting


CTL Contractors Ltd. offers our services under contract, or on an hourly basis.